The Design and Engineering department at G.J. Oliver utilizes the most current software for system and equipment layout and analysis. Bringing concept to reality, our modeling software creates complete three-dimensional representations of all systems prior to fabrication and assembly.  This approach is critical for maximizing maintainability and avoiding layout and arrangement issues.


Our FEA (Finite Element Analysis) package provides an in-depth look at system rigidity, during operation, transport and lifting.  Our engineers can estimate member stresses and deflection of beams and components of all baseplates, panel frames, tanks and other fabrications . These results are then used to determine and validate effective robust solutions for the applications.


Every model includes all purchased parts for fast and accurate procurement of all assembly and fabrication components.  The CNC plasma burning machine located in our preparation facility utilizes the geometry from 3-D models to precisely cut patterns in plate used for steel baseplates, frames, tanks and other fabrications.  Detailed fabrication and assembly drawings are generated to support manufacturing personal, and document the construction of all systems for years after shipment dates.  These steps allow us to provided thorough field support of systems and equipment manufactured by G.J. Oliver, Inc.