· Single Point
  Repeatability: from
  0.0009 in. to 0.0025 in. 

· Intuitive on board-
  measurement system:
  built in touchscreen

· Smart Sensor
  Technology: Sensors
  warn against factors
  that compromise per-
  formance Internal

· Temperature Sensors 
FARO ARM Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) 

Portable State-of-the-Art 3D Measuring Machine with 12 Ft. spherical working volume.
G.J. Oliver is a world-wide leader in the manufacturing and design of steel and lube oil systems; as well as, a leader in repairing pumps, impellers, and casings. The FARO ARM has been a major component toward dimensional verification and our own quality assurance. Major petrochemical & energy companies have utilized G.J. Oliver specifically for our FARO ARM (CMM) capabilities, as part of their complete project solutions. 

Because of its portable capabilities, G.J. Oliver's technicians can easily measure large 200,000 GPM pumps to even small 12 in. blind flanges, with the same pin-point accuracies needed for your quality assurance. 

Whether your project needs are in-house at G.J. Oliver, or at your site-specific location G.J. Oliver is able to offer you a complete dimensional solution that will only be an asset to your project and company needs. 
Utilizing POLYWORKS (a 3D metrology software solution) specific to CMM digitizers, our certified inspectors are able to verifit point to point dimensional readings to a thousandth of an inch using the hand-held probe. Readings are received through this probe, and transferred to the laptop via software creating dimensional points, which in-turn creates a 3D image.