G.J.Oliver built the worlds largest horizontally split pump casing!  
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G.J. Oliver was founded on the core competency of heavy fabrication and in the early days the machine shop operation existed solely as a support function of the fabrication shop. Over the past decade machining operations have progressed to become a fully functional close tolerance job shop operation with a core competency of handling large and enormous pieces. Currently our machining capabilities range from basic to complex. 
We maintain the art of manual machining with drilling, milling and turning and large keyway cutting but also have machine tools that utilize some of the latest technology in the industry. At Oliver we are familiar with many types of materials as well ranging from commonly used carbon steel to more difficult to work with alloys including OEM proprietary materials.We also manage process driven manufacturing of machined components with complex geometry, close tolerances and special alloys. Because of the welding capabilities and qualifications of our fabrication shop the products that require welding and or heat treat are better orchestrated being that it is all under the same management. We use a CAD/CAM system to develop machining programs for both turning and milling.