This machine is so massive that G.J. Oliver created "The Pit" to properly install the union. Over 320 yards of concrete for the machine's foundation! 
Union P 150 Horizontal Boring, Drilling and Milling Machine 

The Union P 150 Horizontal floor type traveling column machine with a 150mm (5.9”) spindle. The spindle carries a CAT 50 tool holder and operates at speeds up to 3000 RPM and is fitted with an oil cooling system.

A Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC controller with 7 functional axis and a closed loop feedback positioning system provides for greater versatility and accuracy.

The Union P 150 has a working window of 433” (X axis)  by 137” (Y axis) 

All traversing axis operate on high precision compact roller guides giving the machine the ability to operate at higher feed rates while maintaining its accuracy and rigidity.

The machine is fitted with a D’Andrea U-TRONIC 5-630 S facing head. The slide in this head is a fully functional CNC axis capable of facing diameters up to 39” and controlled boring up to 40” deep at a diameter of 26”

The machine is equipped with a Union DV 20 in feeding rotary table that has a work holding surface 78” by 98” and a weight capacity of 44,000 pounds

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